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Coronary Calcium Scoring

If you have a high risk of heart disease but no worrisome symptoms, your healthcare provider may recommend a Coronary Calcium Screening (CCS), a quick test that helps determine if you have coronary artery disease (CAD).

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Coronary Calcium Score Locations

PinnacleHealth Imaging Harrisburg Hospital
5th Floor North Building 111 South Front Street Harrisburg, PA 17101
PinnacleHealth Imaging Fredricksen Outpatient Center

2015 Technology Parkway Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
PinnacleHealth Imaging Community General Osteopathic Hospital
4300 Londonderry Road, 1st Floor Harrisburg, PA 17109
PinnacleHealth Tristán Radiology Specialists, Union Deposit
4518 Union Deposit Road Harrisburg, PA 17111
PinnacleHealth Tristán Radiology Specialists, West Shore
240 Grandview Avenue Camp Hill, PA 17011


What is coronary artery disease?

How are the symptoms of coronary artery disease?


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Calcium Screening (CCS) is a five-minute CT scan (also known as computed tomography) that uses imaging technology to detect buildup of calcium and plaque in the walls of the arteries in your heart.

A score of “0” indicates either that there is no calcified plaque in your coronary arteries or it is so minor it cannot be measured. Scores showing the extent of calcified plaque range from 1 to 400, with “1” indicating minimal calcification. A score higher than 400 indicates you have extensive calcification in your arteries and your healthcare provider may recommend treatment.

A CCS may be recommended for people with no symptoms of heart disease who meet the following criteria:

  • Male age 45-75
  • Female age 55-75
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Tobacco use
  • Obesity
  • Family history of early onset of heart disease
Younger people with two or more risk factors may benefit from CCS screening even earlier.

Because this is a screening test to identify risk of heart disease in patients with no symptoms, insurance does not cover the cost of CCS. The cost for the screening is $150, which must be paid in advance at the imaging location. We accept check, credit or debit cards or exact cash.

No physician prescription is required if you meet the criteria listed above. If you do not meet the criteria, please check with your doctor if this screening may benefit you

To schedule at CSS call (717) 230-3700.

Please see the list of Coronary Calcium Score Locations along the right side of this page.