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CardioVascular Institute Patient Portal

Activate & Login

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If you do not have an activation code please call our office at (717) 731-0101.

Welcome to PinnacleHealth CardioVascular Institute’s Patient Portal!
You can now sign up for your cardiologist’s office portal for a convenient way to communicate with the practice and access portions of your medical records from your computer!

With the portal, you will be able to:

  • Send and receive non-urgent messages and information from your cardiologist’s office, including designated test results and educational material
  • Easily notify the practice of changes to your personal information, including phone number, address, and insurance changes.
  • Request a refill for a medication prescribed by a provider at the practice.
  • View upcoming and previous appointments, including the doctor and location of those appointments.
  • View and/or print your current medications and allergies list.
  • Communicate non-urgent information with the practice without using the phone!
Access to your portal account is controlled through secure access codes, personal ID’s, and passwords. Only you will have access to your login information needed to view your account

Getting Started

To activate your portal account, you will need to receive an activation code from your cardiologist’s office. Once you have received the code, you will be able to create your own username, password, and other login information used to verify your identity.

If you would like to activate your portal account, please contact the office to receive your activation code.  Please call (717) 731-0101 and ask for additional portal information or to activate your portal account!  The staff will be happy to help you sign on to your portal account.

Click here to watch a video to learn more about the Patient Portal

PLEASE NOTE:  You may also be asked to obtain a PinnacleHealth HOSPITAL portal account when you are a patient at PinnacleHealth Hospital System.  The HOSPITAL portal account is in addition to your cardiologist’s portal account.   It is recommended that you obtain both portal accounts if applicable.